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Hello I’m Kira! I lover of everything travel, adventure and business! My husband Tyler and I own a rock climbing gym, CrossFit gym, yoga studio in Rexburg. We have 3 boys ages 11, 9 and 6. I am also the director of LaBelle Lake and LaBelle Lake Ice Palace. Videography is a passion of mine and always has been. As soon as I saved up my first $100 as a kid I bought a camera and created hundreds of home video compilations! We have so many family memory and vacation movies.

There are so many benefits of capturing your happiest moments to relive later in life. That is part of why I do this! Memories will fade over time and details forgotten. I will make sure that doesn’t happen. You will see the joy on each others faces and remember how you felt, you’ll tear up as you relive the first dance or saying your vows for each other. Watching your memories later is so beneficial in so many ways and is actually one a the largest regrets after a wedding. My videography has been wedding focused for the last 5 years.

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